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Earth 2008 – EX07

T h e  C l a s s i c a l   E l e m e n t s
E a r t h

This is the second in our quarterly themed series of exchanges: The Classical Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

This archive for prints for the Earth Exchange were due by October 15, 2008 and were posted as they arrived.  

Guadalupe Victorica Reyes
Monterrey, NL, México
Kimberly Landers
Atlanta, Georgia
Valerie Arvidson
Oakland, California
Diane Cutter
Puerto Rico
Barbara Patera
Issaquah, Washington
Maria Arango
Las Vegas, Nevada
Terry Peart
West Seattle, Washington
Leigh Beatty
Centerville, Minnesota
Xtina Solano
San Leandro, California
Li Yong Chen
El Monte, California
Soy Chen
Atlanta, Georgia
Daryl DePry
Henderson, Nevada  
Mark Knot
Alameda, California
Maria Regina Pinto Pereira
São Paulo, Brazil
Jean Womack
Richmond, California
Cyndy Wilson
Spokane, Washington
Alejandra Delfin
Bronx, New York

Nancy Brossman
Boise, Idaho
Lester Dore
Madison, Wisconsin
Susan M. Moore
Boise, Idaho
Christina Blank
Arlington, Texas
Senol SAK
Heather Piazza
Oakland, California
Kathe Welch
Oakland, California
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