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MicroBlossom: Volume Two

A Frog Eagle Farms Photographic Journal Introducing the second volume of “MicroBlossom: Frog Eagle Farms Photographic Journals”, a breathtaking collection of flowers captured in full-page photographs that celebrate the beauty of nature’s bounty in every season. In this volume, you’ll be taken on a journey through the heart of summer at Frog Eagle Farms, whereContinue reading “MicroBlossom: Volume Two”

MicroBlossom: Volume One

About this Book: “MicroBlossom: Frog Eagle Farms Photographic Journals: Volume One” is a stunning collection of photographs that captures the beauty of flowers in every season.In this book, you’ll be taken on a journey through the changing seasons, and the blooming flowers that accompany them. From the delicate evergreen candytufts to the colorful wildflowers, andContinue reading “MicroBlossom: Volume One”

Prints for Peace 2010 – EX 19

Prints for the Prints for Peace exchange was done in collaboration with the Prints for Peace exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico. After Prints were collated a set was returned to each Artist and a set was sent to the Prints for Peace Exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico. The best of both worlds.