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Prints for Peace 2011 – EX 23

Prints for the Prints for Peace exchange was done in collaboration with the Prints for Peace exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico. After Prints were collated a set was returned to each Artist and a set was sent to the Prints for Peace Exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico. The best of both worlds.

Mini’s: Labor – EX22

This Series was a bit of an experiment. Prints were made at a much smaller size, only 3 x 4 inches. It was a small group but they look spectacular.

West 2010 – EX21

The Cardinal Directions series was one of our smallest exchanges and occurred right before we took a break from doing our quarterly Exchange series. This exchange was cancelled, but Kathe Welch wanted to finish her series.


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Four Oceans Press is an independent art imprint working with artist from around the world to showcase their work.

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