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Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels and illustrated stories

The Last Monkey

Kathe Welch

A thinking chair, hungry sharks, and angry toasters? But, who am I?

The artist looks back on a childhood of being taunted by sharks and toasters. In an attempt to explain, theories abound, but maybe the explanation is simple.

Amazon: Paperback or Kindle.

Sketching Life: A Day in the Life of an Art Teacher

Experience the beauty of everyday life with Sketching Life: A Day in the Life of an Art Teacher. This captivating book takes readers on a visual journey through the daily routine of a middle school art teacher, as told through a series of intricate drawings.

From the moment the teacher leaves home in the morning to her scenic drive through the mountains after work, each page offers a glimpse into the art teacher’s world, all captured in stunning detail through the power of sketching.

As you follow along with the art teacher’s day, you’ll be drawn deeper into the story, witnessing her navigate the joys and challenges of teaching in a relatable and engaging way. The book showcases the power of sketching to capture the beauty of everyday life and to tell a compelling story in a unique and visual way.

SketchingLife is the perfect book for anyone looking for a truly captivating and immersive read. Whether you’re an art lover, a teacher, or simply seeking a new and inspiring way to experience the world around you, this book is sure to delight and inspire. Order your copy today and embark on a journey through the art teacher’s world, captured in stunning detail through the power of sketching.

Amazon: Paperback or Kindle.

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