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Photographic journals

Introducing the second volume of “MicroBlossom: Frog Eagle Farms Photographic Journals”, a breathtaking collection of flowers captured in full-page photographs that celebrate the beauty of nature’s bounty in every season.

In this volume, you’ll be taken on a journey through the heart of summer at Frog Eagle Farms, where the warm sun and gentle breezes coax the flowers into full bloom. From the vibrant zinnias and sunflowers to the delicate snapdragons and daisies, the pages of “MicroBlossom Volume 2″ overflow with the colors and fragrances of summer.

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About this Book:

“MicroBlossom: Frog Eagle Farms Photographic Journals: Volume One” is a stunning collection of photographs that captures the beauty of flowers in every season.
In this book, you’ll be taken on a journey through the changing seasons, and the blooming flowers that accompany them. From the delicate evergreen candytufts to the colorful wildflowers, and from the lush summer zinnias and roses to the fiery early autumn leaves, “MicroBlossom” showcases the diversity and richness of nature’s bounty throughout the year at Frog Eagle Farms in Northwestern Oregon.

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